I had to do stuff no one should ever have to do...

- Lucas

Family Issues


Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

Money Issues


What it takes to make ends meet.

Manhood Issues


Reputation, respect, responsibility.

Coping Issues


Coping with stress, depression and anxiety.

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Bisexual Health Awareness Month

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LGBT Youth and their Friends

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HIV isn’t about men having sex with men. It’s about unprotected sex.

HIV isn’t about men having sex with men. It’s about unprotected sex.

Condom Use

  • It’s good to use condoms all the time, especially with somebody that you’re not gonna be with on a regular basis, you know, because you don’t know where that person’s been at.

    - Fernando

  • I feel like as a bisexual man – that men have more of a higher risk of catching some type of STD, sexual disease. That’s the whole reason why I’m cautious.

    - Marcos

  • That’s life… Sometimes you play Russian Roulette…

    - Sebastian

  • I would know when to use a condom if I feel a vibe or something is telling me to use it.

    - Luis

  • I use more condoms with women than men for the simple fact that like, say, I have a son. I never saw him. So I’m afraid of going through that again.

    - Hugo

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